BAP Group Internal System

Simplify procedures, increase connectivity, experience and satisfaction of employees.

Effective assistant of managers.

A self-designed and developed product of BAP Group.

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Message from our CEO

I am so blessed to have experiences from some great Japanese corporations as a software engineer, especially influenced by CyberAgent Group, where all of the products and services are under the spirit of “KODAWARI”, along with the rapid growth, always update new technologies and challenges. I have been setting up such a company in Vietnam where people always work hard, and always excited when facing challenging jobs.

It’s so great that within a short period of time, BAP GROUP has received the credibility from domestic as well as the foreign clients, especially in Japan, has been given the responsibility to develop many highly innovative products. We would like to express our gratitude to those who have been providing us opportunities, we believe with the quality of our products, with the spirit of “OMOTENASHI”, always satisfy 100% of our customers.

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